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Have a MacBook Pro or some other Apple computer issue? Bring it in for accurate and thorough diagnostics. Our techs are well-trained and highly experienced with Apple products. We can provide you with the best, most cost-effective options to repair or upgrade your machine.

No matter how old or new your Apple device is, we guarantee that our certified technicians can offer you accurate and precise repair solutions in a timely manner… and for just a mere fraction of what the Apple store typically charges. ​

No numbers, no Genius bar waiting, and above all, no pushing products that you really don’t need. We are a dedicated computer shop – our main goal is to fix your MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air or other Apple device fast and affordably with the highest quality of service.

Our expert, experienced technicians also special in preserving your data while resolving your computer issues.

Stop by today and check your computer in for diagnostics at one of our two locations in Orange County.

Our repairs are thorough and we make sure all issues get resolved. 

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Macbook recovery and repair

What Apple – Mac Services We Offer

Affordable Mac Repair

Is your Mac out of warranty? Whatever the issue is – your Mac has no power, has lines on the display, needs a new display, has a bad hard drive, optical drive, logic board, battery, trackpad or keyboard that needs to be replaced. The Computer Guy has got you covered at a fair price and quick turnaround. We specialize in repairs that are rarely offered by most other service providers such as: liquid spills, component level repairs, and severe physical damage. Our in-house experts’ knowledge allows us to quickly inspect, assess and recommend repairs, saving you valuable time and money. We provide a full range of Mac repairs, upgrades, and replacement services with convenient hours.

Backup Services

Don’t lose everything stored on your computer when it dies. The Computer Guy ensures your work, music, and memories stay safe by backing everything up. Hardware Support Instead of purchasing a brand-new computer, consider replacing the basic components. A new part is sometimes all you need to restore your computer’s function.

Hard Drive Recovery

The Computer Guy works with one of the largest hard drive recovery companies. We recover drives that have crashed and even files deleted by mistake.

Contact us at 877-889-8055 to request a service from our certified technicians in Goshen or Warwick, NY.

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